Matthew Harker


Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Embrace: 2011
Apparent Age: Late 20’s, early 30’s
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 3
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2
Social Attributes: Presence 1, Manipulation 2, Composure 3
Mental Skills: Academics 1, Computer 1, Investigation 2, Occult 3
Physical Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl 2, Larceny 1, Stealth 3, Weaponry 4
Social Skills: Empathy 1, Intimidation 1, Socialize 1, Subterfuge 1
Merits: Ambidextrous 3, Fighting Finesse 2, Two Weapons 2, Haven 1
Willpower: 6
Humanity: 7
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Wrath
Health: 7
Initiative: 7
Defense: 4
Speed: 11
Blood Potency: 1
Disciplines: Auspex 2, Celerity 1


When Matthew Harker graduated journalism school, he went to work as a foreign correspondent for Newsweek magazine. His travels took him to multiple hotsposts around the world. Always having had the urge to uncover truth, his investigations helped expose corrupt regimes and various human rights abuses.

Unfortunately, with the collapse of the print industry, he was laid off from his job, and had to return to his home state of Texas. Not having much in savings, he found himself living in a poor part of Dallas. When several people in the neighborhood began to go missing, he began to investigate their disappearances.

The person behind the disappearances was a kindred named Ambrose Silver, who was using his impoverished kidnapping victims for his own twisted purposes. Natuarally, he did not appreciate a nosy reporter interfering in his plans, and sent two of his ghouls to silence Matthew. However, Ambrose was not aware that Matthew had been trained by the security forces that he had previously been embedded with to defend himself from attackers using dual combat knives. Using this training, Matthew ended up killing the two ghouls in self defense.

The loss of his ghouls enraged Ambrose, and he violently confronted Matthew at his home one night intending to kill him. However, after fatally wounding Matthew, Ambrose decided that he could potentially be of use, and gave him the embrace.

Matthew spent the first few years of unlife as a protege of his sire, and attempting to stay clear of kindred politics. He mostly stays in the shadows observing, occasionally interfering when necessary.

After several years, Matthew’s inquisitive nature has come to the fore, and he has turned to the Ordo Dracul in an attempt to seek the answers of his vampiric condition. His loyalty and lack of ambition has caught the eye of Prince Alain, who has chosen him to accompany a coterie of Dragons on a mission to recover the body of a missing kindred. Perhaps this task will indoctrinate him in the ways of the mysterious order, and establish for him a powerful ally in the prince of the city.

Matthew Harker

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