Impetis Et Excessum

Impetis Et Excessum Scene Log

Part I

Gaining entrance to Arkwright was easy enough. The front of the cemetery was looked after by a couple of guards but there was a large breach in one portion of the brick wall far away from the secured entrance. Once inside the cryptic note still made little sense, especially since what little research the coterie had done beforehand was fairly fruitless. Who was Rabbi Meil? How did The Prince acquire the note with the alleged location of “The Liar”? Who was Rafael Pope and why was did The Prince want him found? What was in the footlocker that was for Pope? All the coterie could do was search for clues. The group did indeed discover some of the locations described in the note, along with realizing that they were being watched. Undeterred, the coterie continued to search Arkwright, finding a group of homeless in the process… and the nest of some territorial Nosferatu. Fearing that the coterie were a threat to their food source the Nosferatu viciously attacked the interlopers only to lose one of their numbers. One of the severely wounded Nosferatu confirmed that their were others in the cemetery that were “like them”. Time was running down and they were still not much closer to finding The Liar.


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