The story so far…

Forth Worth, Texas, January 3rd 2012

The Prince of Fort Worth, Alain Riley, has requested a private meeting with fellow Dragon John Flynn (BJ). John assumed the meeting was going to be about his sire, Elton Galder, who had recently been detained by the Sheriff of Fort Worth for allegedly giving the final death to a longtime rival of the Lancea Sanctum. Elton, Priscus of the Arlington Heights Sector of Fort Worth, allegedly destroyed the Priscus of Fossil Creek Fort Worth, Ellen Melendrez, in a heated debate over territorial breaches. Details of the alleged action are sketchy at best with very few witnesses to the event. Alain actually wanted to meet with John to request a favor, which due to Elton’s circumstances seemed more of a demand. John is to present to Alain a legendary vampire after he is discovered at his hidden location.

The undead John is hunting is a torpid vampire, a fugitive from the Lancea Sanctum called Rafael Pope. John recalls that in the 1920s, Rafael Pope left the Sanctified church with knowledge of Theban Sorcery rituals and started a cult around himself — a cult made up mostly of Acolytes from the Circle of the Crone. Rumor has it that Pope taught them about Theban Sorcery and the Acolytes taught him about Crúac. This made Pope a lot of dangerous enemies, the kind willing to chop through some fellow Kindred to keep Pope from sharing any more Sanctified secrets. In honor of his betrayal, and the half-truths he spread about the church after he left, local Sanctified call him the Liar.

In the ‘30s, Pope became the subject of an unofficial Blood Hunt called-for by the church. He went into torpor to avoid his destruction and had his few remaining followers lock his body up somewhere in the city. When the Sanctified found Pope’s original hiding place in 1940, Pope’s body wasn’t there. A couple of followers, still quietly enamored with the eccentric but generous Pope, moved his body sometime in the intervening years and didn’t tell the rest of the cult. For sixty years, nobody’s known exactly where Pope’s body was.

Two months ago, a black-and-white photograph was discovered in an antique frame by some retainer or servant of the Prince, Alain. The photograph depicts Rafael Pope, plain as day, standing in lamp-light near the house where his body was originally hidden in the city. The front of the photograph is dated before he went into hiding. The most interesting thing about the photograph is a note hidden on the back describing, somewhat cryptically, where Pope’s body was buried within Arkwright Cemetery, about 40 minutes outside the city. To help them wake Pope, Alain has given John a box the size of a small footlocker, containing “something that belongs to him.” To make matters even more interesting, Alain has told John the deed must be done as soon as possible. It must be done before sunrise.

Alain has instructed John to take his fellow Dragon and companion Balon (Dave) and Balon’s protégé Samuel (James) with him for necessary help. Curiously, Alain also demands that a Dragon John does not know personally be taken along with the coterie. His name is Matthew Harker (Phil), a mysterious Mekhet like John. All the other coterie members have been given advance knowledge of the task and have only a couple scant hours to converge and prepare. The Grave of the Liar awaits…

Impetis Et Excessum

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